A puzzle game where you have to die to escape a wild west prison. Push blocks, press buttons, collect piggies, turn into a ghost, possess animals, and get your freedom!

The game features 100 hand crafted levels that are split into 5 different chapters, and a level editor with support for Steam Workshop, so you will never run out of things to do!

Coming out in late 2020, will be available on Steam and Itch.io!

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download the Demo!

Also available on itch.io

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The Team

Mors: Lead Developer, Programmer, and Designer

Darkonius Mavakar: Level Designer

Cruise Elroy: Artist

Catonator: Composer

Sharb: Level Editor Programming

Special thanks to Awesome3475, Play3r, Superstarxalien, Starturbo, and Snarf for testing.